20 ft Container Home – “The Lago” Model

The Build: The quirky budget build. *No interior wall finish*… hang some drapes, and LED lights for a hippy feel. Yep, that’s right, just spray foamed walls painted. The Specs Dimensions: Living Area/Bedroom – 10′ (L) x 7′ (W) x 8′ (H) Bathroom – 4′ (L) x 7′ (W) x 8′ (H) Framing: Wood Interior Framing Installed 16″ on center Insulation: R13- 2″ Spray closed cell foam in walls R21- 3″ closed cell spray foam in the ceiling R6- 1″ closed cell spray foam under a container Electrical: Qty 1 – 125amp 12 Slot Panel Breaker Box (interior mount with e

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